Club Rules


  1. All control of the American flag on the pole is assigned to the club officers and the chairman of the grounds and maintenance committee.
  2. There will be no smoking in the clubhouse.
  3. Members are prohibited from profiting from use of the club facilities.
  4. A member may borrow something from the club with permission from an officer of the club after filling out a form. Borrowed items must be signed back in with a date noted. Tables and chairs cannot be borrowed from the clubhouse.
  5. First time members in active duty military service are exempt from dues. The general rule is an exemption for an initial enlistment. In the case of National Guard or Reservists activated for duty, the exemption would apply to the first activation.
  6. Each paying member must put in at least ten work hours, documented by a club officer, or be assessed 20 dollars at the time of dues renewal. Committee chairmen, officers and board of advisors are exempt from this rule.
  7. Camping is allowed by full members and only in off-season from hunting.
  8. Lifetime members, who get free membership, will buy or sell their ten tickets and pay for their keys.
  9. The club speed limit is 15 mph.
  10. No alcohol is allowed at club meetings or at any range.
  11. Ranges are open from sunrise to sunset except for lighted events.
  12. No fully-automatic weapons are allowed on any range without the floor’s permission.
  13. No dogs are allowed in the clubhouse. Dogs on club property must be supervised and under owner control at all times.
  14. Storage of personal items by club members at the club requires floor approval.
  15. To donate something to the club, you must have permission from the floor in advance.
  16. No personal use of dumpster without permission from a club officer.
  17. No fires allowed except in designated areas; exceptions may be approved by grounds committee chairman.
  18. Picnic tables marked with a “P” are not to be removed from the under the pavilion.
  19. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the pond.
  20. Canoes and kayaks are allowed on the pond year round, except on derby days. Massachusetts boating laws regarding life jackets apply.
  21. No ATVs for recreational purposes are allowed on the property except for work parties.
  22. All members are responsible for locking the clubhouse and gate when leaving the building and grounds (last one out locks up).
  23. Club membership is limited to a maximum of 300 paying adult members.
  24. To obtain Rental-of the-clubhouse:
    a) Write your name and the event on the calendar at the back of the clubhouse
    b) Fill out form (available from an officer of the club)
    c) Pay $100.00 deposit
    d) Clean after the event to receive deposit return
  25. All complaints of related violations of the code of ethics must be submitted in writing and signed by a party present or witness to the violation.