Archery Chairman: John Castonguay (508-320-4359)

2023 Archery Shoot Schedule

April 23rd

May 21st

June 4th

July 16th

August 13th

    Archery Range Rules

    1. Absolutely No Drugs or Alcoholic Beverages prior to or during use of this range.
    2. No Broadheads allowed on the practice range or the 3D course.
    3. No Crossbows allowed on the 3D course. There will be Crossbow targets on the practice range (again, no broadheads)
    4. Please leave Shooter or Spectator in front of target while looking for lost arrows.
    5. No backtracking on course.
    6. Anyone caught violating these rules are subject to having range privileges revoked.

    Both fixed and 3-D targets can be provided on our archery ranges. The club has hosted events for both traditional and modern bow hunters.

    PLEASE NOTE: Pistol Range will be closed during all Archery shoots. All other ranges will be open at regular time.