Meeting Minutes January 2023

February 6, 2023

Meeting called to order by President Ralph Godin @ 7:00pm

Pledge led by President Ralph Godin

Secretary’s report read by Jamie Belanger

Motion to accept: Larry Aubin, 2nd Bob Brooks, All in favor.

Treasurer’s report read by Mark Cardarelli

Motion to accept: Bob Brooks, 2nd Larry Aubin, all in favor.

Correspondence: Standish Sportsman’s Club in East Brookfield is hosting a Sportsman’s show February 11th and February 12th. $2 off coupons will be left on the front table for anyone that is interested.

Board of Advisors: No report

Officers: Ralph thanks John Piotrowski moved the building for the pheasant committee, Cheryl Briggs and crew for all the work on the kids Christmas party which had a good turnout. Ralph says John Castonguay is getting parts needed to fix the backhoe, Ralph will get a cost and if it’s lower he will have John buy it. Ralph thanks Joe Theberge for the mugs he made for officers and chairmen for Christmas.

Archery: No report

Fish: Matt Fontaine thanks Ed Gervais for all his years of service. He is going to keep it running the same way with 4 tournaments per year. Kids derby will be the Saturday of mother’s day weekend. Matt asks if anyone wants to donate to the kid’s derby to please see him. Bob Lepage said he might be able to be co-chair for fish. 

Forestry: Ralph spoke to the forester and he is willing to come have a meeting with us about having the property blazed. Member Eric Irving is a surveyor and he will do the blazing for the property. Ralph confirmed the forestry plans needs to be done by June 30th.

Game: Jeff Graves says hunts are done for the year and the pen is cleaned up. Jeff thanks those that helped throughout the season and at the work party Saturday. Jeff is looking into doing a kid’s program so he is asking for any members involved with hunter safety to reach out to him. He is hoping to deliver the youth program in August or September timeframe.

Pistol: Russ saysWednesday shoots are now over and will probably resume in April.

History: No report

Trap: Ron Manyak says theywill be shooting all year long, weather permitting.

Rifle: No report

Grounds and Maintenance: No report. Bob Lepage told Ralph after the meeting that he will take over as chairman for Grounds and Maintenance.

Kitchen: Board of Health came in and everything scored 100%. The soap dispenser is getting installed tomorrow and then the dishwasher will be finished. Steve says money-wise we have done pretty good. He just gave Mark an additional $1,387. Steve says the ice machine will be getting shut down pretty soon to get cleaned by George Hamm’s grandson. Steve says he is also able to fix a lot of the other kitchen equipment if we ever need it. Steve says he has 5 more packages of breakfast sausage for $5 per package, see him after the meeting.

Membership: Janice says in person renewals will be February 12th and February 26th from 12-4.Janice says forms are sent in email, on Facebook, and on the front table. If you need hours for next year, you can help at membership renewals. Wait list is updated as of the end of December.

Clubhouse: always need someone to clean.

Work hours: Durk has been ill and in rehab. Jamie updated the probationary list for meetings and hours.

Old Business: The meeting with John Foley for the maintenance building was held and the building is put off until March. John is ordering the trusses, but he is hoping the cost of materials come down. It will take approximately 3 weeks to build.

New Business:

Mark says if you do not have your key fob as of tonight, you will be locked out. Mark says he was able to get the building system to integrate with our existing system. The fob will get you into the gate and the main clubhouse door. We are currently limited to 500 users in the system. Mark is working on getting this updated but until then, please make sure to keep tabs on your fob. Mark says we can provide a fob in the lockbox by the old gate for police and fire, but there is an upgrade to the gate that can be done to allow them in automatically. They are looking into costs for this. Ralph says fobs for new incoming members are $10. To replace the fob is $25 if you lose or break yours. Mark is also looking at a long range reader for the fobs, but it’s $500. This option would only be available once we tie it to the building system.



Ralph Godin nominates Larry Aubin, Larry accepted

Larry Aubin nominates Lenny Audette, Lenny accepted

Larry Aubin nominates Tom Bienkiewicz, Tom accepted

Larry Aubin nominates Bob Knox, Bob accepted

Ralph Godin nominates Jamie Belanger for Secretary and Steve Bedard as Vice President, both accepted.

Steve Bedard nominates Ralph Godin for President. Ralph accepted.

Bob Brooks nominates Mark Cardarelli for Treasurer, Mark accepted.

Tom Bienkiewicz wins the 50/50 raffle that was run to go toward the new dishwasher.