2019 Hunter Safety Classes

Manville Sportsmen Rod & Gun Club
250 High Street
Manville, Rhode Island

Archery — February 23rd
Firearms — March 23rd & 24th

Must preregister and pick up study material before class.
Call Jack Peters at (401) 437-0429

December Meeting 2018

Uxbridge Rod & Gun Club
Minutes of 03 Dec 2018 Meeting

Meeting called to order 1900 by President Johnson
Pledge of allegiance led by M. Petitt
Secretaries report read by M. Petitt, motion to accept R. Holmes/L. Aubin so voted
Treasurer’s report read by M. Fontaine, motion to accept L. Aubin/ R. Demore, so voted
The BOA met on 12Nov2018, in attendance were
R. Holmes
D. Hicks
E. Gervais
T. Bienkewicz
T. Huber
L. Aubin
Pres. Johnson
M. Fontaine
Agenda was to review annual dues and work assessment fee for the upcoming year. Also, review the land assessment fee.
BOA voted to recommend to the body that the dues and assessment remain flat for 1019. And to keep the land assessment fee flat as well.
Archery-there will be 5 3D shoots this year, 5/20, 7/14,7/28. 8/11 and 9/1
Fish- no report
Forestry- no report
Game- raffles ongoing for 6 bird hunt. Thank you K. Mercer for feeding the birds
Pistol- Wed night shoots will resume in the spring
History-no report
Trap- Sundays @10am
Rifle- range maint will resume in spring
Grounds- two beaver traps are in place now on the property
Kitchen-no report
Membership- 21 on waiting list, renewals will be every sunday in February, 1-4 pm
Work Hours- 29/78 have completed their requirements
Clubhouse-no report

Old Business
Dedication of W. Pazniac’s bench will be scheduled soon

New Business
R. Demore spoke of adding rule in Game rules to document that Club stocking od birds will not take place during MA shotgun deer season. Game will add to rules
Noel/ R. Godin motion for 10 new 3D targets, so voted. NTE $xxxx
M. Petitt brought up possible pond dredging while drained, and sale of pond silt, D. Baker to speak to Mr. Dorr and advise
R. Brooks/D. Lawson made motion for dues/ work assessment to remain flat, so voted
M. Fontaine/R. Brooks motion for land assessment to remain flat, so voted
Pistol chair Russ read new pistol range rules.
R. Godin- please do not gut deer and leave mess,
Thank you to Matt and Monique Fontaine for organizing and providing Children’s Christmas party

Raffle winner for 6 bird hunt
R. Dougdale

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Petitt, Secretary, UR&GC

October Meeting 2018

Uxbridge Rod and Gun Club
Secretaries Report
October 2018

Meeting called to order by President Johnson, 1902
Pledge of Allegiance led by President Johnson
Secretaries report read by E. Gervais, MTA/2nd, so voted
Treasurer’s report read by M. Fontaine, some discussion as to price of cable, MTA/2nd, so voted

BOA- no report
Archery- Noel still building backstops for next year
Fish- no report
Forestry-No report
Game- birds are in, fence is done, season opens October 6. Thanks to K. Mercer, Steve Bedard, Wilhelm Huber, Mike Bennidetto, Robert Demore, Dave Thayer and all the rest that helped with porketta and the fence.
Pistol- Russ said the Clay shoot went well
History- no report
Rifle- R. Lepage would like to thank Dan, Mike, Pete and Steve for their help with the range cleanup. Reminder please sign in BEFORE shooting and have guests do paperwork as well. If anyone needs work hours, we are looking to have trees overhanging rifle roa trimmed/removed.
Steve Kroll and D. Pembroke will be assisting with trees.
Grounds- Noel is still looking for weed whacking help
Kitchen- no report
Membership- no report
Work Hours- Durk reminded probationary members to make sure they sign in at meetings.
10 have completed hours 18 have done nothing
Clubhouse- no report.

Old Business-
New poles for electricity are being set. R. Baker stated wire will be $xx.00 per foot. Motion for $xxx for the wire, 2nd R. Brooks, so voted

New Business-
Life member Juney Albin is at St. Cammilus if anyone wishes to visit
R. Holmes stated there will be a BOA meeting on Nov. 12 @ 7pm
Membership is ordering keys soon, discussion was heard about keyless access, looking for volunteers to work on this. Steve Kroll stepped up.
Janice also asked for an update on rules.
Jon Quinn offered his services as an NRA instructor.
R. Godin reminded that all ranges are closed during pheasant hunting, Sat until 1PM and Sunday until 10AM
E. Gervais made motion to renew BJ Membership Card, 2nd by R Brooks, so voted
S. Bedard asked about land interests, no updates at this time.
Steve also asked about the status of the wing wall, no progress yet, as everytime the pond drains, it rains heavy and fills back up.

Raffle winners
T. Bienkewicz
J. Brochu
S. Kroll

Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Petitt, Secretary, UR&GC

Any Junior Member between the ages of 13 and 17 by August 5, 2018 is eligible to enter to win a full scholarship from the Uxbridge Rod and Gun Club to the Mass Junior Conservation Camp.  The camp is an overnight camp held August 7 through 17th at Moses Scout Reservation in Russell MA.



If you are selected and we cannot get a spot this year winner will be able to attend next year as long as they meet the camp requirements.
Please see the above website for full camp information.  If your child is interested please have them complete an essay no more than 200 words indicating why they would like to attend the camp and what they hope to learn from it.

Essays can be emailed to jwneitz@hotmail.com no later than May 15th, 2018 and a winner will be selected by a panel of 5 on Sunday May 20th.


April 2, 2018

Uxbridge Rod & Gun Club
Minutes of April 2, 2018
Monthly meeting

Meeting called to order by President Johnson 1900
Pledge of Allegiance led by M. Petitt
Moment of Silence in remembrance of Randy Lomas
Secretaries report read by M. Petitt, motion to accept by R. Demore/D. Lawson, so voted
Treasurer’s report read by M. Fontaine, motion to accept by R. Brooks/J. Dean

BOA- no report
Archery-the 3D shoot had 30 shooters participate. There will be a work party on April 7, 2pm
Fish- Pond will be stocked on 4/13 12pm, pond will remain closed until the Derby on April 21 8-10am
Forestry-work party 4/15 8am, please bring chainsaws and chippers
Game- BJ spoke of the Game supper. Thank you Willie, Jim and the kitchen crew. $xxxx was raised towards birds etc. There is an ongoing raffle for a muzzle loader, see BJ or Jim L. for tix
Thank you R. Baker for donating the smoker.
Pistol- there will be a Clay Break Shoot on 4th Wednesday of each month at 6pm. First one on 4/25
History- R. Brooks states he received pictures from Mark Kuros
Trap-Young Guns Trapshoot to be held on June 23. Weekly trap Sundays at 10am
Rifle- Work party April 21 1pm. Junior rimfire shoot to be held on May 19 10am
Grounds- N. Rabitor will be the new Chair
Kitchen-no report
Membership- Janice reported making 97 calls and finally filling all 72 open spots.
Work Hours- no report
Clubhouse-no report
Blanchard Fund- Still open spot for JR to attend Mass. Junior Conservation Camp

Old Business
M. Fontaine thanked the kitchen crew for putting on the Easter breakfast. The floor thanked Matt and Monique Fontaine for setting up the breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt
R. Knapik spoke about current land possibility.

New Business
R. Brooks requested that the minutes be posted in the Clubhouse.
T. Huber/M. Fontaine made motion to purchase trap clay pigeons for the sum of $xxx, so voted
N. Rabitor/J. Dean made motion to use monies raised from last 3D shoot to purchase new archery targets and trophies for next shoot, so voted
J. Lavallee spoke about 3 year trash pickup contract he negotiated with Waste Mgt. Inc. R. Brooks/L. Aubin made motion to proceed, so voted
M. Kuros and M. Petitt spoke about the upcoming Sportsmans Flea Market on April 29. Please help spread the word as we need to sell more table space
N. Rabitor will be looking into recycled asphalt grindings for main road.

B. St. George
T. Huber

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Petitt, Secretary, UR&GC

March 5, 2018

Uxbridge Rod & Gun Club
Minutes of March 05 2018

Meeting called to order 1900
Pledge of Allegiance led by M. Petitt
Secretary’s report read by M. Petitt, motion to accept by R. Holmes/L. Aubin, so voted
Treasurer’s report read by M. Fontaine, motion to accept by L. Aubin/R.Godin, so voted

Annual Elections, the secretary cast one vote to keep the existing e-board
Board of Advisors vere voted as follows
R. Holmes, T. Bienkewicz, T. Huber, L. Aubin, L. Audette, S. Freitas, D. Hix, E. Gervais

BOA- no report
Archery- targets are in, cleanup party March 17 8-1
Fish-no report
Forestry- no report
Game- game dinner 3/17, also a raffle for a black powder rifle is on going
Pistol-no report
History- R. Brooks will leave book on Old Timers Day at front table
Trap- Sundays @ 10am
Rifle- new Chair is R. Lapage, Thank you Art Campbell for all your hard work as Past Chair
Grounds-no report
Kitchen-no report
Membership- 72 on waiting list, 30 open spots
Work Hours-no report
Clubhouse-no report
Blanchard Fund- still open spot for MA Conservation Camp

Old Business
E. Gervais motion from February, allowing a Junior member to move to Adult Membership at age 17 if chooses. So voted
N. Rabitor made motion to donate 2 Club hats for 3D shoot prizes, seconded by R Brooks, So voted

New Business
R. Lepage/E. Gervais made motion to spend , not to exceed $xxx for new target stands, so voted
R. Knapik spoke as to the 60 acre parcel possibly avail for purchase
. After much discussion, a motion was made by P. Cannali/L. Aubin to move forward on investigating and possible offer on said parcel based on a contingency in place that the Club would find funding and vote to purchase. So voted
A committee was established to work on this with the assistance of R. Knapik
E. Johnson
R. Baker
T. Bik

J. Mietz/N. Rabitor made motion to increase membership from 300 to 350, to increase funds avail. For future needs, much discussion was heard, then a vote was taken, so voted

E. Gervais/J. Lavallee made motion to include Membership Chair in the group that has dues waived, so voted

M. Fontaine/M. Petitt made motion to rejoin GOAL as a basic Club Affiliation, $xxx, so voted

Easter breakfast will be held Sat. March 31 8-10am. Easter egg hunt will be at 10am

Kids fishing derby will be May 31
Adult derby will be held April 21

M. Collella
J. Graves
Evan Mendez

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Petitt, Secretary, UR&GC

Junior Egg Shoot

Saturday, May 19, 10:00AM

We will meet at the rifle range at 10:00 and will start with rifle and range safety. We will then have an egg shoot open to all junior members.

This shoot will be .22 rimfire only. There will be a 30 minute sight-in, then we will have 4 shooting stations with 4 target stands set at 50 yards.  Each stand will have 3 eggs suspended.  You will have 5 shots to break the 3 eggs. If you’d like to join us, click here!



Saturday 4/21 at 1:00PM

We will meet at the clubhouse and will be building 15 target stands. We will also be cleaning up the range and the road. Bring work gloves, eye and ear protection, cordless drills, chainsaws, rakes, lopping shears, and a rifle or two, so we can have a little fun once the work is done. I will have a cooler with bottled water.

Please reply to Bob Lepage at bobl8@cox.net  if you can make it. Stay for a couple of hours or until the work is done.  It’s up to you.

Work Party

Our club forester Ray Pemberton will be having a work party Sunday April 15th at 8:00 AM
Anyone looking for work hours in the great outdoors, c’mon down and lend a hand