Pond is open for fishing

  1. 1. Adult members--- open to full and auxiliary members.
  2. 2. Two fish limit for Derby only.
  3. 3. Size and time caught determines winners.
  4. 4. Pond rules on bait, culling and lines apply!!

More info
Chairman: Ed Gervais

Fishing Rules

  1. 1. Fishing on Lee Reservoir is for members only.
  2. 2. Membership button must be displayed while fishing.
  3. 3. One pole - one line per person.
  4. 4. Children must attend their poles at all times.
  5. 5. Live bait is allowed.
  7. 7. Catch and release is allowed with flies and lures only.
  8. 8. Fish caught with either power bait, worms or live bait may not be released.
  9. 9. All trout kept must be logged in at tree stations.
  10. 10. Non- motorized boats and canoes are allowed for dog training only.
  11. 11. Canoes and kayaks are allowed to fish from, only in July and August.
  12. 12. Life jackets are required during July and August boat fishing, one per person.
  13. 13. Ice fishing- 2 tilts or 1 jig and 1 tilt per person.
  14. 14. There is no culling allowed.
  15. 15. Trapping of any type of bait fish from Lee Reservoir and the inlet is prohibited.